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More than 85 years of experience
... and always up to date!

The wide array of our services (painting building surface, interior design, thermal insualtion composite systems, and many more) along with techniques that continue to change and develop, are challenges we like to meet time and time again. That’s why we continue to educate ourselves through special classes and training programs.

Among the customers of the Schiffmann Painting Co. from Pressath are municipalities and other government authorities, construction companies, architects and private customers. We cover the majority of painting and varnishing services ranging from sophisticated interior decoration to the extensive renovation of building surfaces and including detailed and competent advice. Laying a variety of floors and installing exclusive varnish – and suspended cloth ceilings are part of our wide array of services.

We have been a certified training company since the foundation of our company in 1922. Passing on our knowledge and experience and thus training promising young painters and varnishers is one of our goals.

Owner: Birgit Schiffmann, Painter and Varnisher

Our Customers came from:
Grafenwoehr, Eschenbach, Pressath, Weiden, Parkstein, Mantel, Weiherhammer, Kirchenthumbach, Auerbach, Bayreuth, Amberg, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Vohentrauß, Vilseck and much other communitys

Concierge and winter services

Care of tree, garden and your parcel.
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Schiffmann Landschaftspflege