Malerbetrieb Schiffmann Pressath
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The history of the Schiffmann Painting Co.

The history of the Schiffmann Painting Co. started with Karl Schiffmann who was born in Pressath on January 10, 1892. He started his apprenticeship at the age of fourteen at the Wirner Painting Co. in Weiden where he worked as an assistant painter until 1914. At the age of 22 he was drafted into the Army to fight in WWI. Upon his return from war in 1918, he moved to Amberg where he worked as a painter and varnisher in a malt house.

In Amberg he married his wife Margarethe Schiffmann, nee Hofmann. In 1922, the year in which his oldest son Leonhard was born, Karl Schiffmann and his family moved back to Pressath and started his own painting company which he managed until 1961 when he passed it on to his son Leonhard.

Leonhard served his apprenticeship with the Sebastian Eichermüller Painting Co. in Pressath. At the age of seventeen, after completing his apprenticeship, he was drafted into the Army and served in WWII. Upon his return from captivity as a prisoner of war, he worked in his father’s company. In 1962, after the completion of his master craftsman‘s diploma he took over management of the company from his father. Leonhard managed the company in good times and in bad times and passed it on to his son Josef.

Josef Schiffmann was born in 1948 and continued the family’s tradition by starting his three-year painter apprenticeship at the Ringer Painting Co. in Weiden at the age of fourteen. After completing his apprenticeship, he returned to his father’s business and completed his his master craftsman‘s diploma as a painter and varnisher. In 1992, he took over management of the company from his father. Josef Schiffmann’s children (Birgit, born in 1971 and Marcel, born in 1979) also became painters and varnishers.

Birgit finished a two-year apprenticeship and then applied for her master craftsman‘s diploma which she completed successfully in 1997. On April 1, 2009 it was Birgit’s turn to take over management of her father’s company and continue the family tradition with the help of her brother Marcel.