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Interior Design


  • painting and varnishing
  • classic and modern painting techniques (e.g. faux finish, glazing, smoothing, stenciling, winding, dabbing, and stamping)
  • wood finishing (windows, sunrooms, doors, stairs, railings, beams and timber constructions)
  • wall-finishing and wall-painting (e.g. with ornaments / painted wall tattoos or borders)
  • installing of stucco elements made of styrofoam (baseboards, rosettes, pillars)
  • gold plating and patination (e.g. of metal railings, picture frames, religious statues)
  • painting of furniture, altars and store furnishings etc.
  • wall-painting (sky and ocean, Pompeian ornaments etc.) on canvas or plaster with acrylic paint
  • senior citizen- and vacation service

We offer a complete renovation service exclusively for senior citizens, or customers who want to go on vacation and return to a newly renovated home. I you like, we take your drapes down, wash them and hang them up again, we roll up carpets, we clear out closets and move them away from the wall. We take lamps and pictures off the walls etc. Then we clean everything and put everything back on the floors, into the closets, and on the walls. To cut a long story short:

We take care of you! Just ask us, we’re looking forward to making you an offer!


  • wall-papering of regular and premium wallpaper (silk, velvet, grass, vinyl, structured, style, vylene, ingrained, fiber glass of photo wallpapers)


  • spray-painting of radiators, doors etc.
  • spray-painting of spackle (smoothing of concrete ceilings), paint for ingrained wallpapers, Sto-Decoperl finishing etc.

Floor Coverings

  • wall-to-wall carpeting
  • laying of laminate floors
  • pre-fabricated parquet
  • sealed strip parquet
  • CV-tiles
  • linoleum floors (strips, tiles, click) and PVC-floors
  • Cork and cork parquet
  • mechanical cleaning of all types of floors (e.g. linoleum, PVC, tiles etc.) incl. sealing with the appropriate sealants
  • wall-to-wall carpet cleaning
  • rental of carpet cleaning equipment